Mission Statement
"Each child is a jewel to their own parents and we want to gather all the jewels together in one place to see how much they shine." ​​​​

A new festival originating in Brooklyn, NY from the hearts & minds of the people behind the Academy of Dance & Creative Arts (ADACA). The Festival of Ballet, Dance & Creative Arts is a place to bring together the ballet, dance & creative arts communities in order to motivate their drive to dance, produce new art, meet other artists, find new job opportunities & to share their work & progress with the community.
Program Information
Jewels Festival (1st Edition) program includes:

A Ballet Dance Competition which will consist of
Video entry (1st Round)
A stage performance (2nd Round)
Master class with the judges (3rd Round)
For more information on the ballet operation of the festival please click here

A art exhibition, competition and silent auction of drawing, pottery and other forms of arts. For more information on the arts section of the festival please click here

Directors of various companies will be attending the festival, scouting for new talent from any dancer aged 18 or over

Our special guest, Eleanor D’Antuono will present her new book and awarding a dancer with the D'Antuono prize, for a look at her book on Amazon please click here

Presentation of a new line of Pointe Shoes by Siberian Swan, please click here for a link to their website

The festival ends with a big gala performance and an award ceremony

All events are open for the public.
Jewels Competition
Jewels Exhibition
Always The Ballerina
Siberian Swan
Current News
  • (2.20.19)  CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners of the first annual Jewels Festival! It was a lot of hard work and effort but thank you everyone who showed up and supported our first event. We want to personally thank all the judges, volunteers and contenders for putting in your time and energy into the Jewels Festival. We hope you had all had a wonderful time and we can’t wait to see you all again next year!
  • (2.06.19)  Online tickets are now aviable for purchase!
Jewels Festival Tickets
  • (1.23.19)   We have released a program with all the information and schedules on it. To check it out below and to download it, please click the button below: 
  • (1.17.19)   We have released a new video to help promate more information on Jewels! You can check it out right below: 
  • (1.10.19)  We released some videos giving a detailed explantion on Jewels Festival! You can check out the video right below: 

  • (12.25.18)  Due to many students returning late from various vacations, we had many requests to extend round 1. With this in mind we decided to extend Round 1 until February 1st!​​      Registration
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